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Pent Up Travel Demand

Who had Leisure Travel plans in 2020 that were canceled, or you canceled out of a fear to travel with the virus? My hand is in the air, I had a family vacation to Jamaica canceled as well as a getaway to Berlin in 2020. Thanks a lot, Covid-19!!!

How disappointing???

Many of you were in the same situation, you tried to make the best of it, with day trips to places you could drive, but in the end, it was not the same.

Many people decided to put the money they had set aside for travel, into upgrades for their homes, purchasing a new car, or adding new electronics to their collection. But all these things could not make up for the missed chance on making memories for a lifetime traveling the world.

Cruise ships have been sitting idle, flights to many destinations still are not available, some countries remain closed to travelers, and a vaccine has not yet been approved. But something inside you is looking to break out, your desire to travel. This pent-up desire is so looking forward to being set free in 2021.

Leisure travel will surely be the first to come back strong versus business travel. Cruises are being booked even with no set date for sailings being available, wonderful deals are in place for all inclusive resorts for 2021, and flight prices currently remain low. Now, is a great time to get in for 2021.

If you are an optimist and like to save money, then get in now. In most cases based on where you would like to go, it would allow for a low deposit, at a fantastic price point, to hold your place, and give you something positive to look forward to in 2021.

I am ready to let that pent-up desire to travel, out, how about you?

At some point in what I believe to be the near future, demand will ramp up, which will mean the current excess supply will go down, and prices will go on the rise again. Do not look back and say I wish I would have booked my 2021 getaway back in the Fall of 2020.

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