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2021 Travel Savings, Right Now!!!

I was able to book some personal travel this past week for Summer 2021. The family will be heading to Jamaica. We were supposed to go to Jamaica this past summer, but the VID had to rear it's ugly head in 2020, so we had to postpone.

The rates are so fantastic right now, we were able to save thousands over what it would have cost us to travel this past summer, we were also able to upgrade the resort. Even with an upgraded resort selection, the price was still so low. Now is the time to get in and book for Summer 2021.

The vaccines will be rolling out, most likely, in the next few weeks. As we all know they will be going to those that need it the most first. But, it is also likely that by April or so there will be enough vaccine for anyone who wants one to be able to get one.

With that be said, travel rates will almost certainly go on the rise, as everyone is tired of being at home, will want to get out and travel next year.

The rates are extremely low right now, the deposits are so low right now, do not wait for your vaccine to be in your arm before you decide to book your travel for 2021, or you will miss out, and have to pay much more, for your summertime getaway.

Mexico and the Caribbean Islands are there for the taking, right now, for the Summer of 2021.

Book with confidence!!!

Many changes have taken place in the travel industry in 2020, most airlines have followed United's lead and have done away with change fees, many travel providers have also done the same.

What does that mean for you? It means, that you should be booking your travel, now.

Let's all Dream Big and Travel New in 2021. The travel industry needs you to, I need you to, but most importantly, you need to put 2020 in the rear view mirror, and get out and see the world again.

I am happy to help you find the perfect destination, for you, your family, or your friends. While, also saving you money in the process.

As always, there is no additional cost, to have me craft an amazing vacation, just for you.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out today!!!

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